One for the Chemistry geeks out there…and the Breaking Bad fans…..and anyone who likes cool things that light up! These Radioactive Elements Glowing Coasters (they aren’t really radioactive) are essential for any table.

You get 4 pressure-sensitive radioactive element coasters which each light up in a different colour (Radium-226-in Red, Plutonium-244-in Blue, Uranium-238-in Green, Thorium-232-in Orange), illuminating your drink in a (non) radioactive light when your drink (or something equally weighty) is placed upon them. Very cool looking, and the perfect incentive for people to put their drink on a coaster!

These Radioactive Elements Glowing Coasters are currently available from Firebox for £19.99. A must have for anyone who drinks or knows somebody who drinks and occasionally put their drink down!

Check out the video below to see them in action.

Lets Have a Look!