We’re always looking for ways to make ourselves look a bit cooler here at Werevtu (we need all the help we can get), so when we heard about Philips Hue Wireless Lighting, we started to get a little bit excited. Basically Philips Hue is a set of Wi-Fi controlled light bulbs which you can use your smartphone/tablet to switch lighting on and off, adjust colour colour and intensity.

Interesting right? So with this system you can set the lights to gradually brighten in the morning to wake you up, switch on just as you are getting home from work, change when you are away from home (and be adjusted while you are away, great to make others think you’re home) or just to play with while at home, a bit of mood lighting can always come in useful.

The starter pack comes with 3 LED bulbs (very energy efficient, even more so than energy saving bulbs) and a bridge which enables you to connect with the bulbs. You can have up to 50 bulbs controlled per bridge (extra bulbs can be purchased separately), so you can have all control of all the lighting in your house/flat at your finger tips, no matter where you are. Massively customisable, and other types of lights are available in the range, seems to be quite a few apps on android and apple stores!

Lets have a look!

For more details click the button above or check out the below videos for a review from cnet.com and another of someone going all out with the system with a custom app!

Cnet review

Custom App

Philips hue Personal Wireless Lighting Starter Kit at Amazon.co.uk