“Discover the art of rude food

Imagine. You love food. You love getting sexy. But the first time you try combining the two, it ends in disaster.” – IM Pliant

Words from the author, IM Pliant, whose initial foray into the world of sexy food apparently involved a banana and didn’t end well. But this did not put off the author of the book, oh no, he spent the next 20 years experimenting and perfecting the (apparently) lost art of rude food.

Possibly my favourite fifty shades of grey parody, this book reveals step-by-step instructions to hosting dirty dinner parties, and as the title of the book suggests, contains “fifty uniquely filthy yet utterly delicious recipes to try, and a host of thrilling illustrations and presentation ideas to inspire you”.

Available from Amazon.co.uk, this book will get you pulling some weird faces (due to it being both hilarious…and disgusting) so probably best not to read in public, the preview is definitely worth checking out!

Lets have a look!